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    Introducing the unparalleled Gong Jin Dan, a pinnacle of herbal medicine! Hailing from Korea, this luxurious remedy stands out as the most effective solution for central nervous system disorders. With its remarkable capabilities, Gong Jin Dan enhances immunity, balances hormones, regulates neurotransmitters in the brain, and diminishes reactive oxygen species and muscle inflammation. Moreover, it…

  • Hand Made Ginseng Soap

    Hand Made Ginseng Soap



    “Explore the transformative essence of Chang’s Acupuncture & Herbs skincare, meticulously crafted with premium ingredients, featuring the potent ginseng. Our formulations, grounded in research, target inflammation, enhance elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and illuminate the skin. Unveil the radiance within with our expertly crafted solutions, born from the heart of our traditional Korean herbal medicine clinic. Indulge…

  • Acupuncture covered by insurance

    Acupuncture covered by insurance

    “Your Trusted Acupuncture Clinic Accepting Aetna Insurance. Experience Wellness with Us!” Our clinic is in-network with Aetna. Nevertheless, there are additional accepted insurance options, including Horizon BCBS and United HealthCare. Please feel free to contact us by phone for further information. 201-945-4372 If your insurance doesn’t include acupuncture or has a high deductible, taking advantage…

  • Acupuncture for Back Pain Relief

    Acupuncture for Back Pain Relief

    Acupuncture for Back Pain Relief Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will experience low back pain in their lives? Back pain is a common reason people seek medical help, and acupuncture is a popular choice for relief. Research suggests acupuncture is effective for chronic low back pain. Acupuncture, originating over 2,500 years…

  • TCM for the Heart

    TCM for the Heart

    #HeartHealth #TongxinluoResearch #MedicalBreakthrough

  • Brain Health and Acupuncture

    Brain Health and Acupuncture

    Improved physical function by acupuncture treatments signifies enhanced neuronal connections. For individuals aged 40 and older, particularly among the elderly demographic, regular acupuncture sessions should be regarded as a proactive measure for health maintenance. Acupuncture stands as a natural therapeutic option accessible to a broad spectrum of individuals, providing a pathway to enhanced health and…

  • Ginseng Soap

    Ginseng Soap

    high quality ginseng soap

  • Computer Job Special Tips

    Computer Job Special Tips

    COMPUTER JOB SPECIAL : “For those aching shoulders, ‘text necks’ and weary feelings at the end of the day, how about some brisk shoulder, back, and neck chair work to ease and stretch those tight muscles; plus eye exercises to combat that cross-eyed feeling at the end of the day? And wrist exercises to combat…

  • Panic Disorders and Anxiety Relief

    When you have a mental health condition, it can be challenging to determine which treatment options will be effective, especially considering that not every treatment is suitable for every individual with a specific condition. For those dealing with an anxiety disorder, which is the most common mental health condition in the U.S., there are numerous…

  • How Acupuncture Is Applied for Neck Pain and Stiffness

    How Acupuncture Is Applied for Neck Pain and Stiffness

    When it comes to neck pain and stiffness, acupuncture can be an effective treatment option for many individuals.